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Quick tips to tell whether everyone is having trouble along with you


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Updated on April 18, 2024

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    If your ability to make calls, send texts or use the data connection on your T-Mobile phone suddenly stops working, it could be that the entire network is down. On the other hand, it could be a random problem with your phone or T-Mobile account.

    There are signs that can point you toward a solution. This article explains:

    • Different ways to check for large-scale outages impacting everyone.
    • Troubleshooting tips to help fix things that might be wrong on your end.

    How to Tell if T-Mobile Is Down

    If you think T-Mobile might be down for everyone, try these steps:

    1. Check the Problems at T-Mobile page on This page not only shows you whether there is a problem right now but recent past issues, a live outage map, and the most reported kinds of problems occurring. Another quick place to check is the Status page at

      Is T-Mobile Down... Or Is It Just You? (2)

      If you can't open or other websites from your phone, try it from another device or a PC. If you can open it from other devices, the problem is probably on your end but it could still be a data connection issue through T-Mobile.

    2. Search X (formerly Twitter) for #TMobiledown. Look at tweet timestamps; those will tell you if other people are currently experiencing problems with T-Mobile services.

      Is T-Mobile Down... Or Is It Just You? (3)

      If no one else is reporting issues, the problem is probably on your end.

    3. Check T-Mobile's Facebook page for any status updates as a last-ditch effort. This page is supposed to be updated hourly and only really lists massive outages, not smaller, localized issues.

      Is T-Mobile Down... Or Is It Just You? (4)

    What to Do When You Can't Get Signal or Service

    Sometimes T-Mobile can be down in a small area due to a specific cell tower problem; other outages can be the result of problems in parts of T-Mobile's fiber optics network.

    If a 'no service' error appears or you're not seeing signal bars, you don't have an active connection to the T-Mobile network. That can mean you might be able to make phone calls but not text (or vice-versa) or perhaps your internet or data connections won't work but calls and texting will.

    Try these quick tips to troubleshoot the issue if you think the problem is on your end.

    1. Confirm your account is active. You can check your account status at T-Mobile/my account.

    2. Check to be sure you're in a covered service area.

    3. Confirm your phone is not in Airplane mode. That mode disables all networking activities so accidentally turning it on can block you from calls, texting, and internet activities.

      On Android phones, swipe down to renewal the setting menu. If Airplane mode is not active, the icon will be greyed out. If it's not, tap it to turn it off.

      Is T-Mobile Down... Or Is It Just You? (5)

      How to Use Airplane Mode on iPhone and Apple Watch
    4. Check your Wi-Fi call setting. If it's turned off, turn it on. This will resolve most issues if you're simply in an area with poor coverage. You can use Wi-Fi calling on Android phones or make Wi-Fi calls from an iPhone, too.

      Wi-Fi Calling is not available on some devices. If you're having trouble with it, check to see if your phone or device is supported by T-Mobile.

    5. Check your device's network settings. Be sure that Data Roaming is turned on in case your phone has moved between networks and somehow got hung up. Even if it's turned on, toggle it off and then back on again to reset it.

      T-Mobile's roaming policy does have limits; if you've reached your monthly allotment, that could create problems. If you think that's the case, Wi-Fi Calling will get you back up and running.

    6. Confirm that Network Mode is set to the proper Auto setting for your specific phone. Accidentally switching to the wrong setting can create problems so select the highest auto-setting available for your device and plan.

      To check yours on Android phones, go to Settings > Connections > Mobile networks to view the Network mode setting. If you need to change the setting, tap Network mode, and make your selection.

      Is T-Mobile Down... Or Is It Just You? (6)

      How to Reset Network Settings on Your iPhone
    7. Restart your Android device or restart your iPhone. Sometimes phones lose key connections and just need to be restarted to find them again.

    8. If your phone uses a SIM card, check the copper plating for chips or discoloration. If you see anything odd, contact T-Mobile.

    9. If none of these troubleshooting tips fix the problem, you'll need to contact T-Mobile for additional help.

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    Is T-Mobile Down... Or Is It Just You? (2024)
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